Tennessee man amputates his own 'member' and throws it out car window during pursuit
Tennessee man amputates his own ‘member’ and throws it out car window during pursuit
Image credit: Tennessee Highway Patrol

A Tennessee man was seriously injured after he amputated his own member and threw it out the window as he led police on a pursuit.

The incident, which took place on Wednesday morning, involved 39-year-old Tyson Gilbert, who was approached by Trooper Bobby Johnson of the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

Johnson had noticed Gilbert’s car moving along Highway 70 near Dowelltown, but was not prepared for the sight he encountered upon reaching the driver’s side door.

“When I pulled up behind him and turned my lights on he took off and refused to stop. He was all over the road the whole time. He turned off on Old Liberty Road and came to a stop. He opened his door. He was naked and covered in blood. He then shut his door and kept driving,” said Trooper Johnson.

It’s not clear whether he severed and tossed his ‘member’ out of the window before or during the chase.

Eventually, Gilbert was stopped- but not after significant effort from multiple agencies.

“The Alexandria Police Department spiked him (put down spike strips) on Highway 70 as he was going through Alexandria. He kept traveling westbound into Wilson County. The THP spiked him in Watertown but he continued westbound. We finally were able to box him in and got him stopped on Highway 70 right before the Interstate at I-40 and took him in custody. He was then transported to Vanderbilt Hospital,” said Trooper Johnson.

According to WJLE, Gilbert said he heard voices on his car radio telling him to commit the act in order to save the world.

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