Rockford police officer shot while sitting in marked car in targeted attack
Rockford police officer shot while sitting in marked car in targeted attack
Image from the intersection where the officer was shot. Credit: Google Maps.

Chris Green

Rockford Register Star, Ill.

ROCKFORD — Police Chief Carla Redd said unequivocally her officers were the intentional target of gunfire after an officer was shot early Thursday.

“I don’t think it was random gunfire by an means whatsoever,” Redd said at a news conference several hours after the shooting. “These officers were in marked squad cars.”

The events unfolded about 1 a.m. in the area of Kishwaukee and Pope streets where three patrol officers were parked in marked squad cars, and a gunshot was fired from close range.

One of the officers, whose name has not been released, was spared from injury when the bullet passed the passenger side door of his squad and struck him in his ballistic vest before falling to the floorboard.

Redd said all three officers quickly left the area and were not physically injured.

The officer who was struck, a four-year veteran, was taken to a local hospital for evaluation and was released.

“We have had a full-court press in that area since that incident occurred at one o’clock this morning,” Redd said, “and we will continue all of our efforts and leave no stone unturned to ensure our perpetrators of last night’s heinous event are brought to custody.”

The chief added, “Rest assured. All of our resources that we have available, our state partners and federal partners — we will be utilizing every resource we have to bring these individuals to justice.”

Mayor Tom McNamara joined the chief at the news conference, noting he was commending police just 24 hours ago for taking 380 guns off the street from Jan. 1 to Aug. 31, an 80% increase from last year.

“I obviously take all violence seriously,” he said. “But to commit an act of violence against individuals who are out there putting their lives on the line for all of us is unconscionable and not acceptable.”

The mayor said an act of violence against an officer is an act of violence against the entire community. He implored anyone with information to step forward.

“These folks who commit these acts, they talk about it to their boyfriends and girlfriends. They talk about to their peers, their cousins and friends,” he said.

“Get out here and start sharing that information because lives are on the line.”

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