Osceola sheriff's office films gangs hosting wild "COVID-19" block parties at rented homes
Osceola sheriff’s office films gangs hosting wild “COVID-19” block parties at rented homes

Florida gangs have allegedly begun hosting violent “COVID-19 parties” in Osceola County, and footage of one incident has been obtained from a local law enforcement agency.

While many “COVID parties” have been repeatedly dismissed on several occasions as unsubstantiated reports hyped by the media in an attempt to spike panic, copycat practices and clicks, the one that took place in Osceola County appears to be real- at least in the sense that it was a large party, anyway.

The parties, which seem to resemble house gatherings or small block parties, have occasionally spilled over into the streets, resulting in over 600 complaints (not necessarily from 600 residents, but still).

Osceola County Sheriff Russ Gibson, who spoke to local outlets on the matter, claimed that the party involved fireworks.

“Last week someone, some folks in the crowd threw some fireworks at the deputies that were there. They did the right thing, they backed out, they waited for extra resources to arrive and then we went in and took care of the party,” Gibson told ClickOrlando. “We dispersed it.”

A firearm was recovered in one instance.

Helicopter and cruiser camera footage gave a better look at what was going on: large crowds dancing and drinking in the streets of a neighborhood.

The sheriff noted that such parties often involve rented homes, and that infection could occur simply by attending a large gathering such as the ones caught on film.

“Well, a lot of times, we’ve been finding out that there are people here that are unsavory people that you wouldn’t want in your neighborhoods. There are some gangs that are renting these houses, and they’re coming here to Osceola County. And this is something that we have to protect our residents with,” Gibson said. “We’re not going to issue citations when we go to these homes when we see these open house parties. We’re going to get them on their way. They’re not going to be permitted to stay.”

While Gibson said he had heard of “COVID” parties, he never explicitly stated the gatherings were such.

“They’re being referred to, from what I’m being told, as ‘COVID-19 parties,’ where they’re actually getting together and they’re trying to mingle to potentially spread the virus amongst each other if they’re asymptomatic or whatever the case might be,” Gibson said. “We’ve just seen a tremendous spike just here in Osceola County.”

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