Body cam footage released showing attack on officer inside LAPD San Pedro station
Body cam footage released showing attack on officer inside LAPD San Pedro station

The Los Angeles Police Department has released body camera footage of a man tracking a police officer and shooting at another inside of a San Pedro-area Police Station.

On September 26, 29-year-old Jose Guzman entered the Harbor station and began fighting with police, in what many believed to be an unprovoked attack.

The violence had escalated from a verbal dispute.

During a subsequent scuffle, Guzman managed to get the officer’s sidearm and began striking the officer with his own service pistol, causing injury.

The struggle became one of life and death, with the officer’s Beretta 92 service pistol pointed at his torso and Guzman’s finger yanking the 92’s double-action trigger while the officer grasped for Guzman’s throat.

It is believed the manual safety of the weapon was still engaged.

Eventually, according to ABC 7, a second officer appears, prompting the disarmed lawman to inform his colleague that Guzman was armed.

Several shots were fired between the two, with no hits landed.

Guzman fled the scene and was later arrested. He is being held on a $2.2 million bail ticket.

The LAPD identified the officers involved, naming the attacked officer as LAPD Anthony Freeman.

Freeman was taken to a local hospital after the incident.

The assistant watch commander who came out to help and was shot at was Sgt. Robin Aguirre.

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