Armed Missouri couple filmed telling protesters to stay off their property
Armed Missouri couple filmed telling protesters to stay off their property

Nelson Oliveira
New York Daily News

A white couple pointed their guns at a crowd of peaceful protesters who were marching past the pair’s massive home in an upscale Missouri neighborhood Sunday.

Shocking videos shared on social media show the woman recklessly waving a handgun and shouting at protesters while her husband holds a rifle and appears to threaten the group.

The incident took place in the Central West End neighborhood of St. Louis as demonstrators marched toward Mayor Lyda Krewson’s home to demand her resignation. Krewson has been under fire since last week, when she read the names and addresses of several people calling for police reform during a now-deleted Facebook Live video.

The armed couple who aimed their guns at protesters Sunday did not fire any shots. It was not immediately clear what prompted their actions, but they seemed to be threatening anyone who stepped on their property.

Videos from the scene show several people in the crowd, which included white and black protesters, urging the group to move forward and ignore the angry couple.

“Keep moving. Keep moving,” a protester repeatedly shouted.

A Twitter user who posted one of the videos called the couple’s behavior “disgusting.”

“Shame on these people,” Avery Risch wrote. “THIS is what happens when you march in st. Louis, mo for the fair treatment, security, and safety of black community members. this is NOT responsible gun ownership.”

Some of the viewers defended the pair, however, saying the couple had the right to protect their property by any means.

It was not immediately clear if police were investigating the incident.

The mayor has since apologized for identifying residents who had written her letters calling for police reform.

“This was during one of my Facebook updates as I was answering routine questions,” Krewson tweeted on Friday. “Never did I intend to harm anyone or cause distress. The update is removed and again, I apologize.”


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